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Uri Navon / Genius Chef 

An original Jerusalemite from the rough side of town. He wanted to study photography but ended up in a cooking class – simply because it was cheaper. He found himself working for caterers Mazal Tale and Rafael until he was fed up. He immediately went to London and worked at a Michelin restaurant L'escargot for nearly two years. When he landed, he landed in Jerusalem because he does not like the humidity in Tel Aviv. He took on the position of Sous Chef at Canela but wasn't fond of keeping kosher, and after a year he moved on to assume the position of chef at Lavan at the Cinematheque and that lasted for another two years.

Assaf Granit / The cutting edge

He prefers that we don't write about how he grew up in the Rasco neighborhood and is connected to Jerusalem at the root, that he grew up among green trees and a decent elementary school. He prefers that we don't write about how he saved some money, read a lot and studied alone. He prefers that we don't write about how he started out working at Adom (red), then was a chef at Lavan (white) and then realized he wants it colorful and opened Mahane Yehuda with his friends Uri Navon and Yosef Pappy.  He would prefer we write that he have one child and that's it.

לוגו מסעדת מחניודה
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