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Accessibility arrangements

The Internet today is the largest repository of information freedom for all users, and users with disabilities in particular. As such, we place great importance on providing equal opportunity for people with disabilities to use the information displayed on the site, and enable a better browsing experience.
We strive to ensure that our restaurant experience and digital services are accessible to people with disabilities, and therefore many resources have been invested to facilitate the use of the site for people with disabilities, as much as possible, believing that every person deserves the right to live in equality, dignity, comfort and independence.

In order to fulfill this promise, we strive to adhere as much as possible to the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (T.I. 5568) for accessibility of content on the Internet at the AA level and the international WCAG2.1 document.

How does site accessibility work?

The site has an accessibility menu. Pressing the menu allows you to open the accessibility buttons. After selecting a menu item, wait for the page to load. The software works in popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera. The responsibility for the use and application of the website applies to the owners of the website and / or anyone on its behalf, including the content displayed on the website, subject to limitations.  And the Terms of Use of the Software.

- At your service -

  • Call center and human chat.

  • Internet services 

  • Easy access routes

  • Accessible seating 

  • handicapped bathroom

The accessibility coordinator at Machneyuda Restaurant is Shani Levy  You can contact her in the following ways:

By phone: 025333442 |  By e-mail:

לוגו מסעדת מחניודה
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